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February 20, 2012
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Don't Listen to Them by ZuTarart Don't Listen to Them by ZuTarart
I have been reading 'jennibare's fanfic 'Each Other' : [link]

I really liked this in particular scene... even though they were inside at the ceremony... I pictured it as outside for some reason.

Here is a snippet of the scene. I enjoy Zuko getting flustered and Katara calming him down. I feel like she would be staring daggers at his antagonists though. xD

Several minutes after being left alone, leaning back on his elbows as he continued watching the dancers, one waterbender in particular, Zuko noticed out of the corner of his eye a small group of tribesmen around his own age approach him. He remembered Katara introducing them to him but he couldn't remember names. "Hey there, fire nation," one says. He seemed to be the leader of the little group.

"Hey," Zuko replied nonchalantly.

"Want a drink?" as the warrior passed a horn filled with arctic wine to Zuko.

"Thanks." He took a swig, burning his throat on the way down. It wasn't at all like the Fire Whiskey he was used to drinking. One of the men noticed where Zuko's gaze landed and leered. "That girl is gorgeous. I heard you're marrying her. I'm surprised."


"Other than the fact you're fire nation?"

"Yeah, other than that."

"I'm surprised that Chief Tarnook allowed her to be married after what happened last year."

This peaked Zuko's interest, but he wore his mask of neutrality. "What happened?"

The water tribesmen all laughed at a joke Zuko was unaware of. "Oh, you mean your little bender didn't tell you? I can see why she would hide it." The tribesman leaned down and taunted, "Let's put it this way. Katara," nodding his head in her direction, "She's a great dip in the pool."

Zuko gritted his teeth trying to contain the aggression he felt building within him. His fists balled in fury at what he assumed the tribesmen implied. "What do you mean 'dip in the pool'?"

The men laughed at him, "Oh, come on, Fire Nation. Didn't they teach you anything back home or were you all so busy destroying towns that you never get laid."

"No, I guess we were too busy learning how to respect our women."

"Why should I respect them? All they're there for is to clean my clothes, cook my food, and spread their legs." Zuko leapt to his full height, fists clenched and eyes narrowed in a challenging manner, feeling his anger build with the way these men were talking about his friend and soon to be wife. The water tribesman leered at Zuko trying to provoke him. He knew that if Zuko attacked him, that he would be rid of the firebender that soiled his very presence.

"What are you going to do, Fire Nation?" he shoved Zuko's shoulder.

"You sure you want to play that game, peasant," Zuko snarled.

"Go ahead. Attack me in front of all these witnesses. I'm friend to the chief. You? You're nothing; the son of the Phoenix King who almost had you killed, what twice, from what I heard. What Katara sees in you I'll never know. She needs a real man, not some Fire Nation scum."

At that moment, Katara happened to glance over and could see from Zuko's body language that something bad was going on where the small group of men stood. She quickly made her way through the crowd and grabbed Zuko's hand trying to pull him away.

"Zuko, come dance with me." Zuko continued glaring threateningly at the water tribesman who glared right back. "Zuko!" She touched his cheek moving his head towards hers catching his eyes. It took a moment, but he calmed down enough to nod. She led him towards the dance floor noticing Zuko look back at the young men glaring daggers. She glanced back and saw him. Fear raced through her at what the men could possibly have been discussing.
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I like the story and image
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Phil Collins
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Wooow, really beautiful pic. I loved the fragment, gonna make sure I have time to check out the whole fic.

Great work again. Really well done
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THANKS! It's a great fic!
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